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Additin RC 2515

Product no.:006658229

1000 KG 31HA1 IBC / 1000 KG pallet(s)

  • Chemical basis: Triglyceride / Olefins
  • Total sulphur approx. (%): 15
  • Active sulphur (ASTM-D 1662) approx. (%): 4
  • Viscosity 40 °C (ASTM-D 445) approx. (mm^2/s): 640
  • Colour (ASTM-D 1500) typ.: 4
  • Cu-Corr. (3h/100°C) (ASTM-D 130): 1a-1b
  • Main applications: Metalworking fluids, Oils, Industrial gear oils, Greases, Slideway oils

Thermally stable EP additive; light coloured, low odoured, inactive sulphur carrier.

- greases - slideway oils - industrial gear oils - metalworking fluids

Additin RC 2515 is a nearly odourless, light-coloured sulphur carrier. Due to its outstanding EP properties and low activity against nonferrous metal Additin RC 2515 is ideally suited for formulating heavy metal-free EP greases and slideway oils with good anti-stick-slip behaviour.

In order to improve the overall performance of the EP grease or slideway oil formulation the addition of antioxidants such as Additin RC 7110 and/or Additin RC 7135 with anticorrosion additives, e.g. Additin RC 4220, is recommended. Additin RC 2515 is especially suited for use in metalforming operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys containing yellow metals.

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